When online shopping (eCommerce) took off in the 1990s, we were limited in what sort of data we could access to figure out what our customers were doing on our sites. 

The sole amount of web traffic was first viewed as the most important means of determining a website’s popularity, as other measurements did not yet exist to gauge online success. 

As us Digital Marketeers got savvier, analysing a website’s performance became much more comprehensive. It’s key to proving that the website is working and is worth the time you invest in it.

Tracking data can help us to:

  • Understand which parts of the website cause bounces (people leaving you site) 
  • Check that call to actions are being followed to the contact page (you’re converting leads)
  • Determine if newly implemented marketing tactics are doing their job (if what you’re investing in is worth the time and money it’s costing you)
  • Determine the success of content upload to the website in terms of boosting the site’s organic growth (discovering what engages your target audience – so we can make more of it)

At Aperture Marketing, we use both Monster Insights and Google Analytics to optimise your site and see what users are up to. 

This allows us to tailor content to be more engaging, and therefore more effective. 

Visit our Web Design page, Copywriting page or SEO page to learn more about the services we offer in terms of creating you a website that makes you money. 

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