Access our contacts in the press

  • We create and distribute engaging Press Releases designed to increase awareness of your brand.
  • We’ll also distribute your Press Release across online business magazines to yet further increase the effectiveness of your Press Release.

Editorial or Advertising?

  • Editorials discreetly plug your business in a news story. It just looks like news! For this reason, more people read it. Oh, and its cheaper.
  • Adverts appear in the classified column of the newspaper. They’re obvious which means people often skip over them unless they were already looking for that service.

Benefits of our method

  • Editorial coverage, ‘free’ coverage acquired with the use of Press Releases is not only far more economical than paid adverts but it is also more effective.
  • The content we create drives traffic to your company – wether it be through your website or direct to you.

We write tailor made articles for your business designed to drive traffic to your website, increasing lead generation and conversions. 

This is just one way we can help your business reach further and wider.

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