Media Relations or Public Relations?

  • Public Relations focuses on building connections between your business and others – customers for example.
  • Media Relations focuses on building a relationship between your business and the media – Journalists, Bloggers etc. 

How Media Relations can benefit your business

  • Developing relationships with people in the press opens up your company to a host of Editorial opportunities such as interviews and features.
  • Media Relations allows you to always be two steps ahead of your competition – hearing about all Editorial opportunities first.

Damage Control

    • Every now and again, a business can slip up. Be it a high profile oil spill or a case of food poisoning in the local newspaper. Media Relations allows us to minimise the impact negative material has on your business.
  • Media Relations is a key part of Public Relations . We aim to get you free coverage through the use of Editorial instead of Advertising. 

    We scan the internet for Journalist Requests, keeping our eyes peeled for any media opportunity that comes our way. We also connect with Journalist before sending out your Press Release, building a relationship with the publications and improving our chances of scoring that all important coverage. 

    At Aperture Marketing, we understand what Journalists want. That’s what makes our Press Campaigns so successful.

    We build strong relationships with the press to get your business in the news. A combination of attention to detail, relevant stories and personal phone conversations allows us to become a trusted source of information. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can get your company’s name in print. 

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