Supercharge your email marketing campaigns

  • Aperture’s design team will create effective, eye-catching email templates that encourage clicks.
  • Our email designs are born from industry trends to help you get the best response from your subscribers.
  • Whatever your email marketing goals, we’ll work with you to make them a reality.

Why Aperture?

  • We offer email marketing services that get clicks, opens and most importantly, sales for your business.
  • Expect detailed reporting that gives your business all the data needed.
  • We track and measure marketing campaigns for effectiveness and return on investment

Our six steps to success

  1. Analysing your database
  2. Creating content plans
  3. Copywriting and E-shot design
  4. Testing
  5. Sending and management
  6. Analytics and reporting

Using email marketing can cut costs down hugely when you invest in strategic email marketing campaigns to run alongside our other marketing services.

An e-shot can reach hundreds of people in seconds, delivering your specially written and designed content straight into your customers’ mailbox. Compare that with postage and suddenly the cost is virtually negligible.

Our e-shots aren’t just the same old run of the mill sales spam, we design campaigns that people look forward to receiving. We do this by analysing your target markets and adapt our campaign to what they want to see. Then we design our e-shots using that information. This includes genuinely news-worthy newsletters and educational bulletins.

Here’s an article explaining more benefits of email marketing.

Email Marketing is still statistically one of the most effective tools in the digital marketing mix which can deliver a measurable return on investment. But there’s a lot more to it than pushing your email data into a Mail Chimp account and pressing send. That’s where we come in, Aperture’s email marketing experts are at the ready, waiting to supercharge your sales and brand awareness with a winning mix of tailored services.

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