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On a weekly basis, the team at Aperture Marketing liaise with Riggotts to determine the most newsworthy job they have completed that week.

From this information, we create an SEO-orientated article which we upload to their site to keep to GoogleBots happy and improve their search engine ranking.


Our Approach

It’s always an exciting challenge, writing for an industry in which you have never worked – and there’s certainly a level skill involved. 

Careful research and a strong relationship with the client is key to producing website articles that work. 

The main goal is always to generate leads by improving the client’s search engine ranking, we achieve this by crafting keywords into the text which Google picks up on and displays to the ‘searcher’. 




We've managed to successfully improve Riggott's SEO performance with the use of Web Articles.

We also share the latest updates on Riggotts' social media - giving the content a little bit of a boost.

To learn more about our writing services, visit our Copywriting Service page by clicking 'Learn More' below.

“The team at Aperture are well driven and have proved to generate leads using their SEO News stories. We continue to maintain a close business relationship to ensure our site gets seen by the right people.”

Riggotts & Co Ltd

Riggotts & Co Ltd

“These guys were great when I was looking to build my brand. I had no idea what I wanted but they managed to take my name and turn it into something I love.”


Shannon Heffernan | Make-up and Hair

Shannon Heffernan | Make-up and Hair

“I liked working with these creative guys, who know everything about quality design, innovations, and usability. Thank you for your hard work, we are definitely coming back for more!”


John Owen (Aggregates)

John Owen (Aggregates)