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Drove Orchard Plants came to us needing a rebrand following a recent move to bigger, better premises. They wanted a simple logo which could be created into a stamp so they could leave their mark wherever they wanted.

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Our Approach

Known as Burn Valley Nursery at their previous location, the client wanted to create a brand that felt familiar to their existing customers, whilst also feeling refreshed and modernised. 

During our brand redesign, we created multiple designs for the client. After they selected their favourite we made some adjustments at their request. 

The client had one very specific request for us – that we retain the Agapanthus featured in their existing logo. 

The Agapanthus is not only the owners’ favourite plant, but it also holds sentimental value, having been sketched for them by an artist/friend when they very first started their business. 


The client now has a versatile brand which can be applied to any application.

The stamp format has also been provided so that the client can customise their own materials and enforce their brand image further.

The design period was short, however, we're confident that the new identity will carry the client into their future endeavours.

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Riggotts & Co Ltd

Riggotts & Co Ltd

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Shannon Heffernan | Make-up and Hair

Shannon Heffernan | Make-up and Hair

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John Owen (Aggregates)