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The client wanted to create a new identity to trade under in order to target a separate market. We were given a one-month deadline to complete the redesign and website build, so it was full steam ahead for the Aperture Marketing team.

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Our Approach

We built a competitor analysis and saw what the competition were doing right, and what they were doing wrong. 

Our research allowed us to determine how we could best help our client stand out from the crowd – a killer website. 

Web development began with wireframes, liaising with the client to build a layout they loved. The remainder of the task – bringing the site to life – was split amongst our team with our developer building the body and our copywriter scribbling away to create the content ready to drop in. 

The website and brand identity had been developed from concept to completion in just one month.

Carl park maintenance


The client now has a strong brand identity as well as a visual and dynamic website. We’ve included their services in the site, each with their own ‘blurb’ to give the site an SEO boost.

The site is now running under a Google Adwords campaign, making sure the website pays for itself.

“The team at Aperture are well driven and have proved to generate leads using their SEO News stories. We continue to maintain a close business relationship to ensure our site gets seen by the right people.”

Riggotts & Co Ltd

Riggotts & Co Ltd

“These guys were great when I was looking to build my brand. I had no idea what I wanted but they managed to take my name and turn it into something I love.”


Shannon Heffernan | Make-up and Hair

Shannon Heffernan | Make-up and Hair

“I liked working with these creative guys, who know everything about quality design, innovations, and usability. Thank you for your hard work, we are definitely coming back for more!”


John Owen (Aggregates)

John Owen (Aggregates)