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The client was after a clean, simple, elegant brand identity which represents what the they stand for and want to portray into their work.

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On a weekly basis, the team at Aperture Marketing liaise with Riggotts to determine the most newsworthy job they have completed that week.

From this information, we create an SEO-orientated article which we upload to their site to keep to GoogleBots happy and improve their search engine ranking.

Drove Valley Orchards packaging design

Drove Orchard Plants came to us needing a rebrand following a recent move to bigger, better premises. They wanted a simple logo which could be created into a stamp so they could leave their mark wherever they wanted.

The client wanted to create a new identity to trade under in order to target a separate market. We were given a one-month deadline to complete the redesign and website build, so it was full steam ahead for the Aperture Marketing team.